Denon AVC-A1

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Subject: Re: vote by
By: Anonymous (
Date: 10/01/2005 03:06:50 am PST
>Bought it two years ago in Osaka, Japan when it first came out. Even then it was a kick ass AV unit. It still kicks ass, but (yes there is a butt!) Denon, like evryone has said, clean up you're act on the AVC-A1 instruction manual. I would of like to have known some of the swhort cut features on you're remote. I think you should stop translating directly from the Japanese manual, because I ahev this as well, and the Elglish manual sucks more than the Japanese one. So, Please Denon give a quality manual, for a quality piece, if I plan to spend $2500 on a car I would expect the owner to tell me everything about it or atleast have the manual in the car. As with this demon of a box, it would be nice to be able to cleanly and effortlessly comprehend the manual and have a decent explaination of other features that this AV amp can and will be able to do. The other complaint, the sound is a bit harsh, but that is expected from a purely digital AV amp. Wish there were a little more control on sofetning some of the sounds like a simple equalizer with the direct sound source option, so I can soften my CD and MD inputs. The HT portion of this AMP is second to none that I have heard in the price range, Denon ytou have outdoine yourselves, but if you really want to satisfy the customer, revise the manual and allow it to be downloaded online, and allow a simple equalization option for sources such as CD, MD so we can use any speaker system with it, and not only those killer base head speakers that most of us all have persoanal preferences. But I will have to give it a 9.7- almost a ten, but no cigar.
>Taishi T.

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