Mag One Portaball 12.5"

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Subject: Re: vote by 4rBetter
By: Anonymous (
Date: 05/31/2003 07:27:58 am PDT
>Nexstar5 was my first teacher, TV 102 improved the image quality, 10" Dob showed more DSO, but the 12.5" Portaball crowns it all with even better image quality on DSO and lunar-planetary work. Unbelievable ease of use, of collimating, and of transporting it. Portaball is beautifully designed and beautifully made by Peter Smitka who also provides the service and support that cannot be better. The Zambutto mirror is a work of art. Also fantastic on splitting very close doubles. I sold
>all other scopes.
Thanks for your review. I have a 12.5 PB on order and would appreciate your thoughts on why the PB has such ease of use in collimation. I have a conventional 10" dob and collimation of it has proved to be frustrating -- the adjustment screws for the secondary are almost impossible to reach. What is it about the PB that is so much better?

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