Celestron C6-RGT

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Subject: C6-RGT
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.67.148)
Date: 05/08/2004 04:41:33 am PDT
I was very pleased by the star test, pinpoint star images and contrast of this inexpensive instrument (mount plus telescope is only $300 more than purchasing the mount alone). False color was present on bright objects as expected, but did not seriously interfere with viewing pleasure; good planetary detail was preserved. Go-to accuracy of the mount was good for visual purposes, the sought-after objects appearing in the field of medium-power eyepieces. This was without using a polar-alignment scope. The mount is just adequate for use with the long and unwieldy 6 inch refractor. This is a BIG telescope. The mount is solid as a rock when used with my Teleview 85 mm.

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