Orion SkyView Pro 127mm Mak-Cass

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Subject: StarNax 127mm
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.0.75)
Date: 09/19/2004 07:33:36 am PDT
I've owned an Orion StarMax 127mm for about a year now!I absolutely LOVE it!!!!I'm most interested in lunar and planetary observing..ok,and some globular clusters!!Yes,it's only a 5",and, yes, it's an f/12,so it could be better on globulars and other DSO's!!But that's OK with me.It performs well on planets and the Moon.I'm very pleased with myself(for finding them) and with the scope...we've just observed both Uranus and Neptune with this little scope!!!!! My next project is to image these 2 blue planets with my Meade LPI imager.I'm sure it won't be easy,but I'll have loads of fun trying!!!I also love the 'simplicity' of the StarMax,I've used some of those GOTO and "all the bells and whistles" scopes, and I find the StarMax fun and easy to use. I've added a larger 9x60 finderscope to it.Man,I'd sure love to see a larger Mak-Cass put out by these people through Orion!!!That would be COOL!!!!!!

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