Coulter 13.1" Dobsonian

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Subject: Re: vote by scottinash
By: scottinash
In Reply to: scottinash (Original Vote)
Date: 10/21/2002 06:09:49 pm PST
>I am fortunate to have recently purchased a used 13.1" and the optics are awesome! I recently had the opportunity to use both this scope and a Meade 12" LX200 side by side, and the coulter brought in slightly better views on the DSOs such as M13, M92, M57, etc...... One thing that I will upgrade very soon is the plumbing focuser. I'm planning to use the JMI RCF Low profile 2" focuser. I would highly recommend this scope if you find one in good shape and reasonably priced! It is easily a one person scope to transport and set-up. I have 12mm and 7mm Nagler..also, 21mm Pentax eyepieces that perform exceptionally in this scope!

Got to compare the Coulter next to a Discovery 12.5" truss Scope at a recent star party and I was exceptionally pleased at the Coulter's performance!

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