SkyWatcher EQ5 2001

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Subject: skywatcher 200eq5
By: Anonymous (
Date: 11/08/2003 07:22:29 am PST
the optics and hardware on the ota are of good quality. i have never failed to get expressions of surprise when showing others the views through this scope . the 8 inch f5 parabolic optics are excellent. i am thoroughly pleased with this scope. however as many have noted in reviews of the eq5 mount , the steadiness leaves much to be desired. The aluminum tripod legs and the plastic ( yes plastic) make the mount torque and vibrate. dampening time was 3-4 seconds. there is hope however to improve this scope. the newer version of this scope comes with steel tube legs and ther are after market wooden legs as well. i constructed my own wooden legs with double aluminum clamps and with some cleaning, regreasing and replacement of the rubber rings on the worm gears with teflon ones, thsi mount performs superbly. dampening time is a second or less.

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