Discovery PDHQ 12.5"

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Subject: Re: vote by
By: Anonymous (
Date: 01/21/2004 10:35:14 am PST
>The optical performance of this scope is great but everything else about this company is horrible. My major disappointment was the lead-time for the scope from Discovery. Every time I called Discovery they told me they were working on filling orders and it would be another 6 weeks. I ordered my scope 12/2000 and received it 07/2001. Because of the long wait Discovery gave me several free accessories, which included a free telrad finder and a laser collimator. When I received my scope I checked the optical collimation with my new free laser collimator and determined the optics were out of alignment. The free laser collimator was not functioning properly and caused my scope to be severely out of alignment. (I reported this to Discovery and they replaced the original laser with another non-functioning laser.) The laser inside the collimator tool was not aliened correctly and made collimating the optics impossible. At first I thought the optics were bad. I used a Cheshire eyepiece to fix the problem cause by my free gift. The scope was seriously out of collimation when I received it and the laser issues did not help the situation at all. The eyepieces included with the scope are very poor quality. So with these factors against the scope I really thought I had wasted my money on this purchase. I do not recommend Discovery Telescopes at all for no other reason except extremely poor customer service.

Hey dude! you forgot to talk about the telescope!!

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