Discovery DHQ 8" f/6

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Subject: Re: vote by
By: Anonymous (
Date: 06/06/2003 04:25:10 pm PST
>I just got the 8inch f6 version for 398 delivered with a telrad, nothing else. Initial reaction. The base came to me broken but usable, the 1.25 inch adapter was also bad. The 2inch focuser, that is standard now is really not that great. Collimating this thing is not easy and the instructions are a joke. For customer serice, I am still waitng now for two weeks to get my replacement parts. Initial star test looked ok however the collimation I could not get perfect even with my buddy who has been in this hobby for 20 years and owns 10 scopes. For 398 delivered its a good quick look scope. The base on this thing really is not that great the tube rubs against the sides.

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