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Subject: Re: vote by bblack
By: Anonymous (
Date: 07/21/2002 09:20:56 am PST
>I had a chance to look through this scope at NEAF this weekend. It wouldn't be fair for me to offer numerical votes since I could only test the scope indoors at a range of 100 yards. Hopefully the comments will prove useful nonetheless. As a further qualification to these comments, I own a TV-102, which is a 4" apochromatic refractor retailing for about $900 more than this StellarVue product.
>Appearance: the scope is very attractive, with good detail to fit an finish. The optical tube and dew shield have a shiny or glossy finish in comparisson to a TeleVue scope. The OTA was noticably shorter than a nearby TV/NP-101. It should be easy to transport as carry on luggage.
>Features: The 2" focuser is made by JMI specifically for StellarVue. It has the ability to rotate 360 degrees, which allows the focus knobs to stay perpendicular to your viewing angle. This is a little more intuitive than what you get with other refractors when rotating the diagonal inside of the focuser. The focuser itself is a two speed Crayford design. One knob attaches directly to the adjusting shaft, whereas the other passes through a reduction gear first.
>I tried this focuser on an illuminated red "EXIT" sign covered with a safety glass containg a 1/2" wire screen. Later I repeated the test from the TeleVue booth using a TV-102. The StellarVue was easier to focus, but it lacked that buttery feel of the televue focuser. I think this focuser might really shine at powers over 200X.
>Optics: this is a tough one due to the limitations of an indoor test. The optics appeared to be tack sharp. There was no noticable difference between the center and edge of field when focusing in on the wire mesh in that safety glass, and no noticable field curvature. The optics looked extremely promising in this limited test!
>If the color correction is as advertised, then this scope looks to be an exceptional value. Be sure to put this scope on your list when considering 4" airline portable refractors. Highly recommended based upon my brief impressions.


I got to view through the same scope at the NEAF. I'll not comment on color correction since the lighting combined with indoor conditions would be somewhat unreliable. However, I did notice a strong astigmatism on defocised images such as reflections on light fixture screw reflections. This could be due to some kind of miscollimation or the 32mm. SV eyepiece.

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