StarMaster 12.5" Dobsonian

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Subject: Re: vote by
By: Anonymous (
Date: 10/12/2003 02:42:26 pm PST
>Setup - 10/15 minutes at remote site, less at home (roll it out with the wheel barrow handles)
>Portability - heaviest piece less than 30 lbs; packs in compact car(Escort) with room to spare for equipment and another passenger.
>Movement - silky smooth with only a light touch needed for guiding yet holds well in position
>Star test - better than 1/10th wave w/Zambuto Optics
>Brightness/Resolution - almost undectable difference in galaxy images compared with 15-in of a competitive premium brand despite the other's advantage in aperture; M13 resolved to the core and 5-6 stars picked up inside the dumbbell nebula under usual med quality seeing conditions

Do you still have the scope? Any interest in selling?


Neal Olson

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