Parks Optical Superior 10" f/5

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Subject: Re: vote by
By: ravyn
In Reply to: Anonymous ( (Original Vote)
Date: 12/30/2002 05:56:06 am PST
>I had my 10" parks mirror tested by a competent optician . The results: near perfect correction, extremely smooth surface , no edge problem. Jupiter thru the eyepiece is stunnuing in color and detail!

HI, I am in the market for an Parks 10 inch F5 Newtonian tube and was going to put on Losmandy G-11 Mount. As far as Planetary performance is concerned with this short focal ratio, are the images large enough to discern good detail seeing conditions permitting, or do you use a barlow? What kind of mounting system do you have for this optical configuration? Any information concerning performance of these optics would be greatly appreciated, Thank You, Thomas Carolus

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