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Subject: Re: vote by shane_sweeney
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.39.241)
Date: 12/01/2003 04:27:47 pm PDT
>OK here we go.......agian.
This is a follow up. I have gotten to know my scope now and have learned its strenghts and weaknesses. Now that I have gotten good at aligning this thing the veiws are incredible. In the last year I have learned how to "see" and how to tweak my optics. I have resigned to the fact that it is nearly impossible to keep your optics clean and that it really doesn't matter very much as long as your secondary mirror has been wiped down with alcohol and cotton.

This scope can do anything a apo refractor can do and the color is perfect. It scatters the light a very very slight bit more than a refractor so you lose .1 magnitude off of theoritical. Resolution on doubles is to the limits.

Planetary views. Cloud turbulence on Saturn 5 moons visable.
Double and multiple systems. Rigel very easy. "E" component of Theta Ori. Zeta Ori wide and clear at x252.
Globular Clusters.
High power airy discs are text book "o" dim stellar components pixey dust.

High maintainence. but hey I like to tweak...

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