Murnaghan Odyssey 8" f4.5

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Subject: For what it's worth
By: Anonymous (
Date: 01/23/2003 07:52:54 pm PDT
This is not a great telescope as sold, but a bargain with great potential. I paid less than $200 for a used one in 2000. Since then, I've added a red-dot finder, lined the tube with flock paper, and upgraded the spider, focuser, and bearings. I've still spent less than $350 on it. As it stands, it's a compact, rugged, low-maintenance scope, delightfully easy to transport and live with—though it does bring out the worst in eyepieces. A short, folding camp stool complements it perfectly. I've seen M73, 74, 101, and 109 with it, plus many deep-sky goodies not in Messier's catalog. On two very steady nights, using a University 7mm Orthoscopic, I saw Saturn's crepe ring and watched Io itself (not just its shadow) transit Jupiter; how's that for bargain rich-field optics? If I rated mine now (which I won't, as it's no longer a representative sample), I'd give it 9 for performance and 10 for value. These are well worth hunting for, if you're a tinkerer on a budget!

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