TMB 152mm f/7.9

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Subject: TMB 152
By: Anonymous (
Date: 03/16/2002 02:32:58 pm PST
I bought this scope last summer direct from the maker--Thomas Back. Tom was very helpful and I enjoy the scope very much. I bought it because of the long wait on AP scopes. I mounted it on my G11 and it handles it OK though no smaller mount would suffice IMO. It is heavy--around 50 pounds. The focuser is very fine and the entire appearance of the scope is first-rate. It draws a lot of wows from others.

The scope's planetary images are wonderful. Our seeing conditions do not always allow use of larger apertures. Light pollution in Las Vegas makes use of larger scopes in town impractical. I have used it mostly in my backyard to do double star, lunar and planetary work. In my amateur opinion the star test was about perfect. Tough doubles yielded to this scope also. Bill Vorce (telescope warehouse) liked the scope and gave it an A grade. He spotted a slight astigmatism that I could see once he pointed it out to me. It did not affect the image IMO however. I love the scope and plan to keep it. I keep a TV-85 for air plane trips and solar viewing.

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