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Subject: collimation detail...
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.29.227)
Date: 10/13/2002 04:04:44 pm PDT
Great 8". I was able to take this out to Death Valley to do some serious deep sky and was impressed. I'm real happy with it. Yet I'm writing regarding the collimation issue. I don't think one needs to collimate everytime. Here's why: The laser collimator by Orion, once inserted into the 1.25" cavity, has some play. Because we tend to tighten what we insert into the eyepiece holder, the play is rendered "invisible" by the time we turn on the laser collimator. Thus, we are adjusting collimation w/out the play and believe that we've collimated successfully after aligning the laser. But once you loosen the eyepiece holder nut and say, rotate the collimator without even taking it out, the play comes back (i.e., the dimmer and secondary laser dot emerges after rotation). Now, if you're not aware of this and go outside and stick the laser collimator in, what actually registers as non-collimated may simply be due to the fact that the laser collimator was not inserted and tightened in the exact position as it previously was. I tried to put some tape around the laser collimator so that it wouldn't play in the eyepiece. Unfortunately, my tape was either too thin or too thick. However, this probably isn't the issue as ALL my eyepieces have a bit of play when in the eyepiece holder. So, even if the mirrors are collimated, my play in the eyepieces may throw it off once again. My solution: align the collimator tigtening screw with the eyepiece tightening screw when you insert the collimator. Do this everytime in the same location. At least upon movement, you'll actually be able to gauge if the mirrors really do go off alignment.

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