Tasco 302911

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Subject: Tasco 302911
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.133.252)
Date: 08/11/2008 09:44:49 pm PST
An excellent review and a pleasure to read. Thank you Marc.
My wife recently inherited this scope from her brother. I did not suspect it was of a high quality but wanted to give it a chance. It needed a complete disassembling and cleaning. After a lot of dirt and cob webs, assembly went easily and I had a fun look at the moon.

Beyond the moon (no pun intended) we have little interest in anything other than Saturn and Jupiter. You know, things with texture. Making all those other little dots into slightly bigger dots is not that thrilling for us.

Anyhow, it seems that the Tasco is about on par with my wife's nice binoculars - and then we get to look with both eyes. I may upgrade this (it has special meaning for her), I may not. However, it has indeed stirred interest in heavenly observations.

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