Discovery PDHQ 15"

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Subject: 15" PDHQ
By: galaxyfinder
Date: 02/10/2003 02:09:03 pm PDT
I have had my 15" PDHQ for about 6 months now I wanted to wait awhile before I posted a review so that I could really see how it stands up. Well it stands up very well, I have had numerous opportunities to use the scope under a variety of conditions and it stands up very well. The tube itself if too large for one person to safely manage but holds together even when I have had dew actually running off of it at the Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys. The motion is very smooth in both altitude and azimuth and with the adjustable altitude bearings once I adjust for my Celestron 80mm spotting scope and a Rigel for a finder and I can use a small 1 1/4 Plossel or a 31mm Nagler without having to readjust again. Although the focuser works well I am planning to replace the standard JMI focuser with something that has a fine focus because at higher powers it can be difficult to get a proper focus such as at the WSP I had about 600 power on Jupiter and Saturn. My only complaint is that Discovery should be more accurate on the delivery date they told me 60 to 90 days it was more like 8 months but the wait was worth it. If you order one be prepared for some large boxes since I was unable to make time that I could be home for delivery I had the trucking company (Yellow Freight) keep it at there terminal about 45 minutes away this actually saved me some money but it did require two full size pick up trucks to get home in one trip.

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