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Subject: Re: vote by kkirksea
By: Anonymous (
In Reply to: kkirksea (Original Vote)
Date: 06/25/2003 04:50:23 pm PDT

I'm giddy. This critter performs exactly as I had hoped.

With an OIII, it easily picked up the Veil, Swan, Eagle, Triffid nebula. I was really perplexed when more detail was visible in the Swan, than in my 8" SCT that was cooled down. I don't understand exactly why, yet. An exception, since the 8" SCT outperfomed the 4" refractor on the vast majority of deep sky objects.

With a Radian 3, I was able to see a moon transit on Jupiter that was invisible to the SCT.

Powered up to 232x to view Mars with no image breakdown. The Tak 2.8 ortho that exposes every flaw in an SCT's diagonal/corrector/secondary was easily and clearly handled by the TMB optics.

With a Nagler 26 ( and optionally, a 6.3 reducer ) the field is huge, and flatter and sharper edge to edge than I'd expected. Doubles appear everywhere, including one near the Ring that I never noticed before, in the same FOV.

Setup time is literally seconds, everything is so lightweight it's a breeze to view anytime I want to!

So THIS is what all your refractor nuts have been talking about!

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