Meade LXD500 102/Achr

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Subject: Re: vote by
By: Burton
In Reply to: Anonymous ( (Original Vote)
Date: 02/20/2002 10:15:16 am PST
>Imho, too much false color, especially for a 4" f/9 achromat and the finder scope is junk, etc. nice scope to look at though.

Of course it's hard to know what you expect from a 4" f/9 achromat and also hard to know what you saw, but it is impossible for such a scope not to have a considerable amount of color around bright objects. A *much* longer achromat will have almost no color, but it will need a much bigger mount and be less portable. Everyone should realize that this scope will show a fair amount of color, but the optics are good quality.

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