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Subject: Re: vote by xxx.xxx.254.206
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.75.20)
Date: 04/12/2002 11:01:18 am PST
>If Tak can get the Sky 90 to perform up to the level expected of a Flourite apo they will have a real winner. size and weight are fantastic and it did quite well on richfield work but in my opinion there is a problem or at least there was in Numbers 0008 and 0010.If you buy one be sure you can return it for a full refund if you run into these problems. I might add on the star test outside focus presented sharp but purple diffraction rings. Inside the rings were indistinct and greenish/yellow.By comparison both my TV101 and C70 FL were virtually identical on both sides of focus and very close to prue white.In focus stars were pinpoints but on the Sky90 they were very slightly flared and enlongated. I could not get pinpoints which I have come to expect.Maybe I expected too much but I do not believe so. Mark switched his for a Tak FSQ106 and is quite happy.Buy with caution and a critical eye.
>Randy Hester 3/10/2001
>Dallas Tx

Hi Randy,
I got a sky90 II, tested it against a very good fs78. It performed slightly better than the fs78 (as it should).
Color was disapearing when a (cheap) diagonal was removed...
Startest was inside/outside pure white (without the diagonal!)
and nearly symmetrical (minor undercorrection).
With your elongated stars there was surely a collimation problem, and the color might be worse too if miscollimated.
The model II came 100% well collimated, right out of the box at the importer (importer did not touch it before, opened the box when i was there.)
The ghosting around bright objects was there, but only in the beginning of the evening, i suppose the temperature was producing some minor dew. Later all was OK.
I bought it for ccd and travelscope, i have a 6" apo as well.
Indeed, as an only scope, for the same price one can get a fs102, or for 70% of the price one can get a very nice fs78. For my purpose, i think it is the best there is.


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