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Subject: Re: vote by xxx.xxx.168.172
By: Burton
In Reply to: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.168.172) (Original Vote)
Date: 02/15/2002 09:39:46 am PST
>Celestron's marketing department seems to have exagerrated the features of this version of the Nexstar system. The most important procedure for any goto system is the initial alignment because this tells the computer where you are, and allows it to generate the coordinates for finding other objects. With this controller, _only_ the auto-align mode can be used. This means that only the computer can select the objects used for aligninment. Celestron's manual is unclear about this, and seems to imply that the user can select objects for alignment, but apparently this is only true for the more expensive and elaborate Nexstar controllers.

Apparently Celestron has fixed the problem that was described here. When I used a friend's scope, I was able to select objects for alignment. However, unlike some go-to scopes (the ETX-70 for one), when you select your own alignment stars, the scope doesn't slew to them -- you slew it there manually. I wonder if that made this reviewer think that it wasn't working?

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