Meade DS-114AT

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Subject: Re: vote by
By: Anonymous (
Date: 11/13/2005 08:57:31 am PDT
>I Purchased a DS-114AT telescop from Wal-Mart on Friday. My birthday present to myself. Mirror was beautifull. However, all lenses sucked big time and the mount, electronics and tripod are junk. I returned it for a full refund on Sunday. I am disapointed with Meade for ruining the their reputation by putting such trash on the market. I have talked with several people about this telescope and they almost all said the same thing "it's good starter scope for my kids" but, they also said "afetr a couple of times out with it, my kids put it in the closet."
>Shame om Meade for ruining astronomy for these kids. I am still looking for a tlelscope for myself and you can bet that it will not be a Meade product.
>Sincerely, TJ

Unfortunate, Meade however does have loads of other models,

the older ETX90 Mak is now available for just $100 more with amazing optics, solid mount, fun Autostar, nice portable at bowling-ball weight, aprerture slightly low for full resolution, but found nearly all Messier,

caution some dislike its smaller aperture, I love it,

recently viewed Mars SPC south polar cap in August 2005, even see eliptical shape..

comes with two nice eyepices, does have plastic mount but durable, enjoyed looking at Venus at Noon, simply a fun fun scope, lacks resolution for fainter objects, but a good entry level, and rates near number one in grab and go, EXCELLENT..

WARREN .<> ..

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