Discovery 10" f/6 Premium

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By: Anonymous (
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Date: 05/11/2002 03:36:19 am PDT
>This is one great scope. The optics are figured almost perfect the views are outstanding. The mount is of very high quality like the rest of the scope. It's movement is very smooth in both directions the smoothest i have seen in a tube dob. This has to be the best value out there in a high quality telescope. I had trouble installing the digital setting circles and called discovery and their customer service was excellent to deal with. I highly reccommend this scope.

I agree with the above comments. Star test is identical either side of best focus at high power and the lunar and planetary performance is great, limited only by atmospheric turbulence. It's like owning a large apo refractor. Also the motions are smooth and set up time is the same as for a small altaz refractor.

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