Vixen/Orion 102 ED 920mm

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Subject: vixen 102 ed
By: Anonymous (
Date: 12/21/2004 06:10:26 pm PDT
this is wonderful scope, personally i think the quailty and craftsmanship is wonderful, optics are superb, having had many scopes, including a tak fs-102 tv-102, and tv 101, i will say that the scope i have does indeed exceed the others in many ways, there is no false color in my scope whatsoever, whereas the others do indeed have a little false color, around the moon and some bright objects, maybe i am lucky and have a great scope with killer optics, tested this scope againist many other apo's at star parties and many people have often asked what did i do to this scope to make it so good, planets,the detail is frankly amazing, doubles,can split cleanly,i do not clam to be a expert in no means and i do not no the wave lenght of this scope, yes larger aperture scopes will indeed beat this scope on clear and steady nights, but as all of know how many nights are really truly like this, yes the focuser is not the best, but it does work very well, and does do its job, for all the people who say that a tak, tv, or even a ap are better, i would have to question that, for if a name is what you are after, then spend the extra money to buy one will they do better than a high quailty vixen, in my book doubtful, i hope my review helps young astronomers understand that a name is not always better, or the high price tag that goes with them, get a scope and enjoy it , the skies are open and waiting to be looked at and with enjoyment , highly recondmend the vixen

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