Meade LX200 16"

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Subject: Bang for te Buck
By: Anonymous (
Date: 11/30/2005 02:21:35 pm PDT
I would tend to agree with the accessments being made about this scope, from the "Classical" versions made and owned from these users...However, the recent advancements with the newer version, with both it's mount model and improvements optically, far surpass what the classical version can accomplish...Having only owned the newer ot the 2 versions, but spending time looking through the Classic's, One would tend to agree with your initials views, until the use Meade's latest type,...That is like comparing a 1975 corvette to a 2005 corvette, afterall there both Chevy's, right??? At $15,000 this scope was over priced, but at $10.900, you get some pretty big Bang for your buck! The pity is, They are no longer being offered, so ends the story!

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