Intes MN-71

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By: Anonymous (
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Date: 12/04/2002 11:27:43 am PST
>Excellent planetary scope. Easily beats similar sized or larger instruments. Serious competition for 7 inch APO at a much lower price. Optics razorsharp.
>Disadvantages: collimation isn't easy due to closed tube design and not well-thought over fixation of secondary.
>Standard Intes focuser has to be dumped and forgot about immediately for photography.
>Would I recommend? With my 30 year experience in every possible brand of telescope, from a simple Newtonian to AstroPhysics refractors: immediately.

Indead the collimation of the secondary is a nightmare, but you can make it a dream. Simply drill a hole in the tube, so you can grap the secondary with your hand. Simple procedure for someone with mechanical skills. It was done one my MN76, now it's dead easy to collimate the secundary.

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