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Subject: Mewlon 250
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.214.54)
Date: 08/07/2003 01:05:54 am PDT
Mewlon 250 ( as all Mewlons ) is a Dall - Kirkham and not a Schmid- Cassegrain type .
Clear skies

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Subject: The Mewlon 250
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.139.249)
Date: 01/23/2006 02:13:54 pm PDT
For those here who have either seen my forum posts or looked at the number of items I have reviewed on the Anacortes website, first let me say I enjoy the use of the many Telescopes I've owned, had the privilege to view through many more and, most of all, I love this hobby and the enjoyment it brings to a lot of amateurs, myself included. Over the past four years, I have owned 22 telescopes, 6 EQ mounts and quite a few accesories. To be very honest after so many choices, I finally found the scope I had been looking for.

The Mewlon 250 is best described as a cross between a really good Cassegrain and a very good Refractor, only difference is that the views are a combination of both scope types and image quality. But what you notice the most when you spend the time using one in different conditions and on various objects, is the " real time " image quality you see, giving you an advantage of what these different objects actually should look like.

Before I get into the technical aspects, I do spend the majority of my viewing with 3 of my very best friends who use various other types of scopes... My comparision isn't necessarily vs. a Celestron C14, a Meade or TMB 152 refractor as each one of my buddies have magnificent scopes which I have enjoyed with the utmost pleasure. With that being said, onto the Mewlon 250!

The first time you see a Mewlon 250, you notice the typical Tak quality throughout, the beautiful sleekness to the Optical tube and the relatively short cool down time, which, during summertime muggy nights, is a big advantage, as most SCT's take a while to get to ambient temperature. I also use mine on a Tak EM200 go-to mount which, in that weight class, is perfect for this OTA along with additional accessories I have added. The illuminated 7x50 finder, which is also used as a handle ( just like the CN212 ), has the same Tak quality you should expect but, for me, I seldom use it ( I prefer a Telrad, what can I say ). Coupled with the Takahashi Cassegrain focuser along with the added 10:1 micro, they work together in unison with the Mewlon's excellent Electronic focuser, for zero mirror shift and amazing focus accuracy.

Viewing through a Mewlon 250 will not only change the way you look into the night sky but also the way you come to understand just how special this scope is and what it will afford you. Whether you enjoy planetary images, very good star images including doubles, glubular or open star clusters, faint galaxies, or your heart beat is stopped viewing Nebulosity, the Mewlon 250 does not skip a beat no matter what you view or what piques your interest. I also use my 250 with a Takahashi 1.6x extender for increased focal length and performance along with a number of TeleVue eyepieces, mostly a wide range of Naglers with a few wide-angle Meades which I have always enjoyed with a range of Cassegrains and refractors.

My conclusion is short and simple. The Takahashi Mewlon 250 is by far the Best scope within the 3000mm range you could hope to view through, compare to, or own. This is not your typical Cassegrain, it's a wolf in sheeps clothing! I also played a major point in Takahashi manufacturing the NEW Mewlon 250 "S" version, as my original 250 was the first ever to use rings (BRC250)...The 250's are simply incredable!

Clear Skies,

Elk Grove CA

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