Meade LX200 7"

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By: Anonymous (
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Date: 03/22/2008 11:31:22 am PST
>Although I'm more like your Fluorite Apochromat refractor kinda guy.
>Sometimes though I purchase catadioptrics. This one I bought after
>my LX90, because I knew that the optics could be better and the mount
>a little steadier. So I bought this Mak. The night I received it,
>I set it up on the roof and put it on M42. So I went down the street,
>got a couple of souvlakis (greek traditional food, a bunch of vegetables
>and some meat in a roll of pita bread). So I went up to my roof with my
>food and tested it's tracking preformance. It was almost PERFECTLY on target.
>With my last couple of telescopes, both Meades I put some trust in Meade.
>Now knowing that their catadioptrics are good. Although I didn't like the 16''
>If you're serious about astrophotography and want a telescope you want to keep forever this is a good choice. I give it a 9 ( the corrector gets some dust inside once in a while).
>by daSentinel

The last good souvlaki I had was in Greece in 1969. In fact I was eating one while watching Neil Armstong step out onto the moon. I was in Athens to train the Greek Special Forces in HALO . I have been given a 7" mak by a super friend and awaiting its arrival. Jon in Lexington, Ky

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