Orion SkyQuest XT6 (Intelliscope) Dobsonian

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Y Re: vote by xxx.xxx.212.119 12/22/2008 04:22:33 pm PDT brightstar
Y Re: vote by xxx.xxx.1.161 09/01/2004 09:55:02 am PDT
Y My XT6 comments 03/12/2004 12:31:10 am PDT
Y Re: vote by xxx.xxx.253.69 01/09/2004 04:28:03 pm PDT
Y Re: vote by percy_smogg 09/16/2002 05:06:39 am PDT percy_smogg
Y Re: vote by percy_smogg 09/14/2002 03:49:41 pm PDT
Y Moved Message 02/14/2001 01:39:34 pm PDT
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