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Subject: Re: vote by rmollise
By: rmollise
Date: 12/28/2001 05:17:23 am PST
>The Celestron G8 is the heir to a long line of Celestron GEM mounted C8s: the Super Polaris C8 and the Great Polaris C8, both on Vixen mounts. The G8, however, uses a Chinese-built CG5 (aka "EQ4") mount in lieu of the Vixen. Is it as good as a Vixen mount? No. The G8 is a bad scope, then? No, not at all. At considerably less than a grand (without drives) this is a decent value. In order to keep the price at this level, Celestron has had to forego the Vixen mounts for the Chinese CG5, but all is not lost.
>The EQ4/CG5 is not the mount the SP/GP were, and the SP/GP were never themselves noted for being steadier than a fork mount C8, but the G8's mount _is_ salvageable. But the new owner MUST take pains to fine tune the mount, degreasing and relubricating it as outlined at . Once this is done, the mount peforms OK, and is certainly good enough for visual use--or even beginning photography. The mount has been improved over the several years its been out, now featuring a good ball-bearing system in the RA axis rather than the initial nylon pads.
>Optics? Good Celestron OTA, no different from any other Celestron C8. The newer G8s arre Faststar compatible with the requisite removable secondary. If collimated and cooled, this OTA can and WILL do a heck of a job, even on the planets.
>Bottom line? OK, with a little fine-tuning of the mount...but unless you really have to low-ball it, most folks will be happier with a basic Celestar or Meade LX10. And remember, once you add dual axis drives, the price goes up pretty close to that of the Celestar/LX10. If you want a C8 on a small GEM, I'd look for a used SP/GP C8, myself.
>Rod Mollise

The URL for relubing/regreasing/tuning up the CG 5 is http://www.astronomyboy.com

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