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By: Anonymous (
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Date: 05/20/2007 12:04:38 pm PDT
>Due to the modifications I've made to the telescope I've elected to only vote on the optics in order to be fair.
> This is my 2nd RV6. Sold my first back when I didn't know what I had. About a year ago purchased an MN61 hoping to duplicate some of that magic. It was not to be. While the MN61 gives sharp images and very flat field considering its short focal length its light thru put seemed to be somewhat restricted. Therefore it was sold and a very used RV6 ota was purchased for $190. All parts on the RV6 have been replaced and the mirror has been recoated by Spectrum. The parts list includes the following: crawford 2" focuser, curved vane spider with 1" secondary, Russell 60mm right angle finderscope, tube end rings and dust covers from Parks, and mounting rings from Orion. The focal length was figured to be around 1250mm so the primary was moved forward 1.5" inorder to maximize the 1" secondary and provide more in travel for Speer and Whaler's fabulous 82 degree eyepieces.
> Under the sky the scope performs very well. Festoons continued to be visible on Jupiter while using a 4.8mm eyepiece with only average seeing conditions. The scope's star test had nearly identical symmetric patterns on either side of focus. And last but not least my RPD 30mm 80 degree field of view eyepiece displayed no sea gulling or field curvature when used with this scope. Don't get me wrong, this may in part be attributed to the F8.3 focal ratio, but only in part since this eyepiece has been used with other F8 scopes with not nearly the same results.
> So needless to say I'm very happy that my efforts have been rewarded. This would not have been the case had the RV6 optics not lived up to their lofty folklore.

Where can I get additional lensese for my 6" dynascope. I have an 18mm and a 12.7mm and would like something stronger for planetary viewing. ALso, I would like to tighten the scopes movements, it swings to much. Any suggestions?

I purchased mine about 25 years ago, still have it, still works great.



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