Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (His and Her Circumstances)

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Subject: The review
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.106.62)
In Reply to: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.240.103) (Original Vote)
Date: 04/25/2004 02:49:26 pm PST
I believe this review is misleading. KareKano, while having a simelar direction technique to the closing episodes of EVA or Death and Rebirth, is by no means as abstract.

Still it is a marrying of Manga and Anime stylings. From this review you may get the impression that there is little Animation at all in this series. With the exception of one or two uniquely stylised and flawlessly executed episodes this is entirely untrue. There are more stills than most Anime, but these are used to piognant dramatic effect and a capable of evoking great emotion.

The animation itself is first rate, and extememly dynamic in it's use of technique, style and pace. One could consider the stills to be part of this dynamism. This includes on screen text that gives a great insight into the characters thought and feelings that are not expressible easily on screen or in the narative. Although they do prove difficult to keep up with whilst coping with subtitles, it is hardly the fault of Anno san that I am not fluent in both written and spoken Japanese.

The styling of this Anime may be a bit too unconventional for some, but those who can see the merit in it's visual style are in for an extremely well written, emotional and thought provoking Anime.

A great example of how a mundane and unremarkable situation can be the basis for a truly remarkable work of fiction.

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