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Date: 03/16/2002 02:22:34 pm PST
I have this scope and enjoy it very much. It alternates with my six inch TMB on my G11. It gives very pleasing views. Planetary views are similar between the scopes--outstanding. I give the TMB the slightest edge in splitting close doubles--probably because it has no central obstruction. The MN-76 is much cheaper however. If cost is a consideration this is a much better value. It also does better on wide-field views.

Only downside was the crappy helical focuser that came with the scope. Ask the retailer to replace it with a better focuser. I had a friend who did the machine work for me. The focuser attachment plate only had two holes for screws to attach the focuser to the tube--not four screws as you find on aftermarket focusers in U.S. Don't ignore this detail.

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