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Date: 12/20/2005 07:40:10 am PDT
>The Meade NGC-60 is a solid telescope with a few problems.
>#1-The Mount is EASY to break,but stable under 100x.
>#2-The Finderscope is CHEAP Plastic.
>#3-The GOTO is nowhere near as good as the ETX or LX GOTOs are.
>Still,the NGC-60 is a fine telescope.With mine,I can see many objects.Saturn's rings are stunning at 78x,Jupiter shows 2 cloud belts,the great red spot(sometimes,difficult),and 4 moons,Venus goes through phases,when Mars is near the ice caps and dark regions are visible,and even greenish color on Uranus is noticable.For deep-sky objects,this telescope does fine despite the light pollution in my backyard(my LM is 3.5)as I can see The Pleadies,Double Cluster,Alberio,Sirius,Orion Nebula,Andromeda Galaxy,M15,and much much more fairly easily now that I'm used to it(note:some objects are super-easy).It came with 2 of Meade's MA eyepieces(they good!)and a 2x Barlow(it bad).A very solid buy.

I recentley noticed a "star-test" web site and realized that at 80x in my telescope, the stars look a wee bit fuzzy, and at 156x they are blobs. So the optics are not as good as I originally thought, but they still get the job done(I can split several double stars cleanly and see detail on the planets).Or is it the 9mm eyepiece and Barlow I'm using?

PS:I am still happy with my telescope.

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