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Subject: Re: Bausch and Lomb 8001
By: Anonymous (
In Reply to: ok33rn04 (Original Message)
Date: 08/18/2004 07:24:55 pm PDT
>I have recently acquired a B&L 8001 SCT which, all things considered, appears to be in pretty good shape. It does need some of its adjustments tightened, if that's the correct term. The latitude adjustment is difficult to secure and sometimes the scope begins to slde down. The mount on the tripod loosens itself, or tightens, depending on which way it's turned, consequently maintaining polar aligment can be dicy.
>The RA brake seems to be worn or at least in need of adjustment to make it more secure. It appears to be an expanding band type of brake, almost like an automobile's brake shoe, and the lever appears to simply pivot to expand or contract the brake. I am unable to find any sort of adjustment.
>The scope came with manuals but none address the sort of issue I am dealing with. I think there are washers, perhaps lock washers, that are no longer in place on some of the controls. As I said, other than the things mentioned, the scope itself doesn't appear to have abused and the optics appear to be in good shape. Can anyone offer advice on how to make these controls more secure?

Though they don't like to admit it, ALL bausch and lomb telescopes are under lifetime warranty through Bushnell. This was part of the buyout agreement when they took over the brand line. I have an 8001 I bought used on ebay and its drive did not work. I sent it to Bushnell ( and, though it took awhile to find someone who could fix it, they fixed it. Works fine now.
BTW the 8001 optics are soooo bright! No C8 comes close.

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