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Subject: Meade LX10 8in SCT
By: Anonymous (
Date: 05/10/2004 07:15:39 pm PST
I've had the pleasue of owning my LX10 for three years now and like it more each time I set it up.I bought the adjustable tri-pod ala LX200 and added a dec motor,Lumicon enhanced diagonal and TeleVue Plossl oculars for low and medium magnifications and Orion Lanthanums for hi-power views.
I live in the Southwest where the skies are nearly perfect so I'm lucky to be able to use the 'scope to it's limits.
I can make out spiral structure in M51 and regularly see the crepe ring on Saturn.Viewing galaxies at or near the limit of the instrument is my favorite pastime and have studied several Abell groups such as Stephan's Quintet.
During the close approach of Mars in 2003,I filled an artists sketchpad with renderings of the wonderful views I obtained.
I couldn't be happier with it,it is a fine instrument,especially when cost is factored in.

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