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Subject: Re: vote by jim454
By: Anonymous (
In Reply to: jim454 (Original Vote)
Date: 12/05/2003 08:33:48 pm PDT
>I have just bought this scope and it is junk do not buy this scope save your money and buy a good scope from Meade or Celestron but what ever you do not buy from there customer service is bad they will not take care of problems they do not care I repet they do not care. I would not recommend this scope or any other telescope that sales.

Wow! Yours is absolutely the first bad experience I've ever heard of with Orion ( I didn't buy the 130, but rather the 130ST a couple of years ago. For the price - and that was much more then than it is now - it is a very good scope. Even though I've since built a 12.5" Dob, I still use the 130ST when I don't feel like carting out the big one. The optical tube assembly works fine. At star parties, others have said they got better images from this one than bigger scopes (of course I try to be meticulous about collimation - and like any Newtonian, you must check collimation occasionally).
When I first got my 130ST, I had a question about it and found Orion's customer service to be very good. This mirrors the experience of everyone else I've ever talked to in my astronomy club that also owns an Orion.
I've bought other stuff from them over time and have always been satisfied. The 130 and 130ST are *not* high end scopes. But for the newbie to intermediate, I think they're great little scopes.

Steve in MN.
Not connected to Orion other than having bought stuff from them.

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