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Subject: Re: vote by TelescopeFan
By: Anonymous (
In Reply to: TelescopeFan (Original Vote)
Date: 11/26/2003 12:46:31 pm PDT
dude, i think you were looking in the wrong end or you head is stuck between your legs

>I recently got to try out a pair of these that a friend owns. We compared them to a set of Televue Binovues, and to the BW Binoviewer. For testing, we used a 8" f/4 newtonian, and a 10" SCT.
>First off, the Siebert binoviewers were very frustrating to use. It was almost impossible to set the ocular distance, they kept sliding around and would not stay put. We also had to fiddle quite a bit to get the two eyepieces to focus together correctly. We finally were able to get the Siebert model working correctly, and then we proceeded to the comparison.
>In the 8" newt, we could not get the Siebert binos to reach focus at all, so I cannot even comment on how they performed in this telescope. Both the Televue and BW units worked fine in the newtonian.
>In the SCT, we were able to use the Siebert model. Our first test object was Saturn. At any magnification over 200x, the Sieberts produced a very blurry image. Conversely, both the other units produced a sharp image at over 300x magnification.
>We then proceeded to test the deepsky capabilities of the Siebert. We pointed the telescope on M1. With the Siebert model, this dim nebula completely dissapeared! In the BW binoviewer it could be seen, but not as bright as in the Televue unit. We again put the Siebert in and once again the nebula dissapeared.
>So we decided to test deepsky performance on a brighter subject, the Orion nebula. Once again, the other models showed more detail than the Siebert, which lost out the fainter details. Also, it becomes apparent on a bright DSO such as this that the Siebert model suffers from poor contrast.
>As for the build quality, I am dissapointed to see that Harry is still using cheap copper plumbing parts to build these units. I see that he has switched to nice aluminum construction on his 2" units, but for some reason he still is using plumbing for these units. The leather cover, of course, hides most of this, but it is still evident when using these units that they are not well made - especially when comparing them back to back with well-made units such as the BW and Televue units.
>If you are looking for a binoviewer and are on a budget, you might find these useful, but I think one would very quickly outgrow them. If you cannot afford the more expensive and better brands, you might be happier to save your money for awhile. I really hope that Harry revisits his design problems with this model, as there is much room for improvement.

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