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By: Anonymous (
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Date: 06/25/2003 02:33:33 pm PDT
"A test on a polychromat ic source at 300m (~300 yards) showed that the optics were not collimated: both lenses had moved in the cell"

You based your scathing review on a scope that was obviously out of collimation??
Just because you couldn't change it doesn't mean it can't be done. And by the way- do you even know how it lost collimation? Perhaps your French friend screwed it up somehow-
I highly reccomend that you at least try to review a scope that is functioning as it is designed to- that's what this site is for! Not to bitch about how your scope is "broken"

Frankly your review 'frightens me'- I give it a zero.

And no, I don't own one of these.o

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