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By: Anonymous (
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Date: 06/05/2003 08:42:30 am PDT
>Star test is excellent, 1/8+ p.t.v.
>Confirmed by several double stars in the 0.4"-0.6" range. Clean split, with
>almost textbook diffraction pattern. With superb seeing, it can go over 600x
>in planetary obs. with no image breakdown. Very impressive.
>Image brightness is also excellent. Under rare nights of 7 visual magnitude
>limit, can see galaxies at 16.2-16.5 range, and stars just over 17.
>Tracking is good, but with some tweaks can go to excellent also. With PEC,
>just about 4" of periodic error.
>Stability is superb in alt-az, good to fair in equatorial. But with some
>SuperWedge mods., can be very good.

A ten inch telescope cannot see stars of magnitude 17. Period.

This simple fact, should, for reasonable people, invalidate your claims.

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