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Date: 04/28/2003 10:07:14 am PDT
My first good night with the 25x100 binos in dark sky, I went south east of Kiowa, CO...
M81 / M82 showed amazing detail, the Leo Trio, heck even the Dumbell and Ring were killer.

Took a magical bino trip through Virgo. With a Sombrero showing bright prominant central bulge.
M13, M92, M5, M4, M3 were all impressive as well....

Sagittarius, and even the Barnard galaxy, I am just tingly from their performance last night, one of the best views ever at the Lagoon, and Swan
through those 25x100 binos.

I think they are going to be my preferred observing tool especially when traveling, I was really impressed with them.

>I give this a 10 because it is the screaming deal of the last 50 years. Never have I gotten so much for so little. The case alone could well cost $250. These are Chinese made according to American design and American QC. Bill Burgess does an excellent job. Two out of ten are rejected for imperfect collimation, poor star test, etc. These are sharp to 90% of the field because of the flat field Fraunhofer objectives (which is amazing in a F/4.1 optical system), have high contrast, and good color saturation. They beat out giant binoculars costing $1000 or more, but not the $4000 and up aprochromatics. There is some false color on very bright and contrasty subjects, but not on virtually all stars and planets, except for the earth's moon. Individual ocular focus takes some getting used to, at least for me. The 25x100 is well made, heavy and of excellent quality. Very, very highly recommended. Much more fun and interesting, with more engaging views than say a TV-85 or TV-102 or comparably aperatured scopes of other manufacturers. Great fun and the best bank per buck in astronomy, period. Also great for terrestrial use. Good tripod and mount are required. Buy these. You will not regret it.
>Kimball Corson

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