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By: Richard
In Reply to: Anonymous ( (Original Message)
Date: 02/01/2003 08:00:43 am PST
>>>The Orion Optics GX-250 has a super light weight tube assembly and super mirrors but the mechanical construction is total rubbish , focuser is a cheap rate affair which is not set at 90 degrees with the tube making collimation a major problem . the two vaned secondary mirror assembley is nothing else but rubbish. Many people who I chat too on the internet all have to same problems and even worse is the dreadful after sales service which is second to none , matter of fact there is no after sales service. So unless you want problems please buy somethink else from another source. Not a very happy astronomer.
>>>Ratings -10 total junk.
>>The mechanical construction may well be a bit 'basic' but nothing like as bad as the author above states. I had the same OTA until recently and only sold it (reluctantly) to buy the 12" version. Optically it was superb.
>>The problems described are easily remedied at little cost (upgrade focuser to 2", new spider) which still means the 'scope is a bargain.
>>To rate it 'total junk' after describing the mirrors as 'super' is a bit of a contradiction and certainly neither helpful nor, in my experience, anything like a fair reflection of the 'scope's performance.
>I would have to disagree, there is some truth to what the first author had to say. And its not a contradiction regards the mirror and mechanical assembly. The primary is good but if the secondary spider is of such poor quality and not properly aligned with the eyepiece, making collimation V.difficult, the telescope will never perform. The tube assembly has the feel of a school boys machine shop project. And feels of poor quality even alongside comparable Synta made telescopes. It could be that Orion's QC isn't terribly good, which would explain variations in performance between owners. Its not total junk though, the Vixen GP mount is top quality and the optics are good. But the tube may require some post purchase work to get the full potential from the telescope.

I think we're actually agreeing, more or less, rather than disagreeing! The construction is indeed basic as I've stated
and certainly doesn't confer the 'pride of ownership' that my Takahashi does. That scope is a real pleasure to use, mechanically as well as optically, everything feels over-engineered.

Collimation isn't difficult but does need frequent checking which is a nuisance (see my comments re. DX300). I suspect the 2-vaned spider is at least partially responsible. The post-purchase work you mention would be in my opinion a decent spider and focuser as I've suggested.

Your suspicions regarding Orion's QC are certainly borne out by my experiences (missing parts etc) but to be fair to Orion they dealt with it quickly.

Still don't agree with calling the 'scope total junk though!
Perhaps a 'work in progress'?

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