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Subject: Re: Barska 15X70
By: Anonymous (
In Reply to: Anonymous ( (Original Message)
Date: 01/05/2003 10:04:25 pm PST
I got a pair and they also showed double vision (but no scratches). I found a site on the internet that showed how to make the adjustemnt to correct the double vision. It was easy to fix (a small screw under one of the rubber flaps). It now works great!

>Order some through Heartland Americana at a cost of $80.48 shipping included. I arrived within 7 days.
>The right front lens has 8-10 fine swirling scratches and the binocular it has double vision. There is nothing in the instructions that explains how to adjust the alignment except the usual interpupillary distance adjustment and diopter setting.
>Now it will cost about $10+ to ship back far a replacement-- there goes the savings and it can get worse if the other pair is as bad-
>I will post again on the replacement set.
>Overall appearance is good
>Clarity each side individual side is good
>Quality control before shipping is poor

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