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Subject: Siebert Optics - Binoviewer
By: Anonymous (
Date: 12/05/2002 03:52:16 pm PDT
After testing Harry Sieberts binoviewer for the first time I sent an email directly to him at 3.04am on Thurs 5/12/02 after coming in from the cold... I felt the letter I sent him would indicate best how my wife and I felt about the binoviewer at the time. I fully reproduce the letter sent to Harry with no reservations.....
Dear Harry.
At last the clouds cleared away from our part of the UK and my wife Janet and I had our first views of Saturn & Jupiter.
The "seeing" was not good tonight, plenty of air convection going on but still we it out and also removed the binoviewer and tried with standard Meade eyepieces to compare the two views - with / without binoviewer.
On such bright objects we could notice no discernable difference in brightness or contrast on either object with my 10" LX200 f10 scope. The images were as sharp as you could get under the seeing conditions. I then repeated the same test with M42 and although it is a relatively bright object the nebula took on a better quality with the binoviewer, better definition and form and lack of eye "floaters" which I get on a single eyepiece.
Neither me or my wife Jan had any problems with the lateral positioning of each eyepiece, in fact we found it as easy to use as a standard pair of binoculars.
On the supplied paperwork you make a point of saying you may take some time to get used to them but neither of us had any problem. It was as simple as 123 for us.
I am sure a good reason for this is because the unit is so well aligned - all praise to you.
We are both very pleased and we are truly looking forward to seeing the Moon. I can honestly say I have got bored with the Moon over the years (a sin I know) however I am sure it will take on a more significant importance with the binoviewer. I cannot offer any constructive criticism against the unit or the eyepieces as they are solid and well made and also because it's just so easy to use - the eyepieces were also very comfortable compared to the standard Meade type and the eye relief was very noticeable.
One problem I have found - which is none of your doing - is the Meade diagonal is not man enough to take the extra weight. It flexes and also has only one locking screw. The modest weight and leverage of the binoviewer can cause it to turn even when I do up the screw as tight as I can.
The latter is a worry. Watching that new binoviewer drop to the floor is almost giving me nightmares and also its all your efforts that would be wasted if such an event took place.
Could recommend a strong 1.25" to SCT threaded diagonal which would solve this situation and lock up securely and take the weight?
Perhaps a strong diagonal would be a good bit of new kit to add to your range! I cannot be alone in this matter so it must have come up with others with binoviewers.
I hate to think how other binoviewer units which weigh more than yours would fair....
I would be grateful of any help in this direction.
Harry has promptly replied to the above diagonal question with a cure idea which should solve the problem. It is simple and effective.
I would also like to add that because I waited a long time for the binoviewer to be made Harry gave my the leather finish for the same price and without me even asking. This kind of extra service was his way of thanking me for the time I had to wait for the unit.
Also I must mention that before I went ahead with the order I phoned Harry from the UK with questions relating to binoviewers. Having read as much as I could I was still a bit unsure and the cost cannot be taken lightly. Harry put my mind at rest and I placed my order and do not regret it. After recieving the unit I found it to be very professionally made indeed. - One article I read mentioned "Plumbing bits" - I would recommend most strongly that the article now be rewritten.....
Please feel free to contact me regarding any of my above comments. They are given to help anyone contemplating buying this unit. Buy it. It works and it's very good value.
Yours sincerly

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