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Subject: Re: vote by Staruser
By: Anonymous (
In Reply to: Staruser (Original Vote)
Date: 12/05/2002 11:41:48 am PST
I'm not sure why people leave goofy comments like this. If I wanted an 8" DOB for the same price I'd buy one. But that's not why I came to this site. I came here to read reviews and evaluations of the Orion 4.7" short tube refractor. For that purpose this person's review is worthless. No examples cited to substantiate the opinions given.

Overall, this guy's a loser.

>If you buy an 8in. dob. for the same price you will see more things. This is a OK low power scope for a quik setup. Good for brighter star clusters, a few nebulas and thats it. Overall, low quality optics.

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