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Subject: Re: vote by johnfdean
By: juniorgirl
In Reply to: johnfdean (Original Vote)
Date: 05/20/2006 04:58:32 pm PDT
Checked the Yahoo Group. Looks like the delivery times are much worse now!! At least one post says over 2 years!!!

>I figured it was time to start a thread on the TScope.
>I picked mine up in Avon, NY 12/03/05. Ed Taychert spent about 2 hours of his time with me going over it in detail. The scope had the focuser board cut a little short...Ed pointed this out and volunteered to correct it. I turned him down. Other than that, it was in first rate condition. An option I ordered was not availiable at the time of pick-up so Ed swapped it out for one of higher value.
>The mount moves smoothly in all positions. I easily tracked Saturn at around 430X. When I finished observing the scope was literally white with frost, but the the movement remained perfect.
>It holds collimination well. Several times I have used it without re-colliminating the optics without any problems. The colors and shadings of M42 are fantastic. The Raycraft optics are as good as any I have encountered. I have used it maybe a half dozen times. This has to be one of the best truss scope values on the market
>So why the 5 overall? The TScope has deliverly problems at this point. My projected 6 month delivery date turned into a wait of about 15 months. My problem is not so much with the 15 month wait as it is with the actual vs, projected delivery date. If this can be addressed, then the TScope is a winner.

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