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Date: 06/12/2002 11:07:17 pm PST
>>Our experience was dreadful. The rings were pot metal and one broken, the tube was of some cheap steel and way too heavy, paint job terrible, the end cap with R&P had fallen off due to poor threads and when we tried to rethread it we could not so simpyl let the thing pop on as it would wobbling, the diagonal was rotating on its tube and useless, I guess therewas a mirror inside thatdiag but it had so muchdiust and crap on it you could barely see light off it,
>>thefinder etc were all made of some cheap pot metal, and Isont even bother with the mount because no aspect of it was even remotely acceptable. I did try the slow motions and they turned like my grandmother's knees - you culd hear metal crunching on ??. The legs were very cheap - crap really. We finally got the ota on a G11 mount to try it out and because of
>>the wobbling end cap with R&P and wobbling diag all I saw was a very distorted star image. Thatw as a new experience for me!
>>I pulled thediag out onyl to discover these damned things screw on so could not even get an ep in the tube. I pakced this piece of junk back in the box and
>>shipped it back the next day. Thank GOD we got ourt money back. Im sure some other "satisfied" customer has it, and thank God its not us!
>>Its the worst telescope experience Ive had with a "new" scope ever.
>>I wouldnt wish this piece of junk on my worst enemy. Sorry, but those are/were the facts.
>>Obviously something was wrong since the rest of you rave about the Tal-100.
>>I guess we got the only lemon made. Rating = 0 and thats a gift!
>Where did you buy thid scope from. The Dealer should be ashamed at selling you obviously damaged goods.

I just can't understand your actions here. If the telescope was as damaged as you say, and the endcap fell off because the screws were useless then why even bother looking through it? And if it was in such a state why go to all the trouble of putting it on an expensive mount? Also if you have a 2,500 mount kicking around why are you buying a 250 telescope?

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