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By: Anonymous (
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Date: 06/11/2002 12:32:19 pm PST
>>>>Piece of junk. any 4 inch refractor will blow it away. period
>>>You sound a little jealous, Maybe if you got a life, became someone with some money to spend you would think different.
>>>I suppose you denegrate someone driving a Mercedes or BMW
>>>You probably drive a busted down piece of crap!
>>To Anonymous 119.200, Shame on you. Stick to the topic, will you please? If anon 57.6 has seen better views through a 4 inch refractor he is entitled to his assessment and I can respect that. I can't see where Mercedes & BMW come into the optical comparison! Regards, Sam.

Dear Sam
1. Any post as moronic as the "piece of Junk" remark deserves any response it gets!
2. The topic was stuck to. The BMW example goes right to the heart of the issue , specifically denegrating very high quality products!
3. You must not be much smarter than Anon if you can respect a comment that says a Questar is a piece of junk! Sounds like you are the same person!
Shame on YOU!!!

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