Losmandy GM-8 w/ Gemini Goto

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Losmandy GM-8 w/ Gemini Goto
I have used a Losmandy mount for years now. It is stable and it is eay to use. It tracks well, too. The Gemini GOTO system is new to me, but it works well. It is not intuitive, but once you get accostomed to it, it works very well. I am saving up for a G11 to use with my large refractor and I want the Gemini system, too. I recommend this combination of mount and GOTO.

Overall Rating: 10
Performance:10 Ease of Use:7 Value:10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.51.99)
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Losmandy GM-8 w/ Gemini Goto
The weak spot is the tripod - I went for a G11 tripod for mine. It's much larger and very stable even with about 24 pounds of equipment on it.

I'm not fond of the gemini control box - membrane switches feel cheesy, and the menus aren't always easy to figure out. I like the control box on the AP900gto much better - of course it's also a much more expensive mount.

But I can set up my GM-8 and be polar aligned in 10 minutes, it has a lot of features, and I can walk away for 90 minutes and come back to find a planet pretty much where I left it at 290 power.

It's easy to control this mount with an ST-4 autoguider for photography. You can also connect it to the serial port of a GPS to have it automatically get accurate time and location information.

Overall, I feel this was a great choice for my TMB 115 CNC.

Overall Rating: 9
Performance:9 Ease of Use:6 Value:10
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
By: msholden
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