Orion Atlas 8 EQ

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Orion Atlas 8 EQ
Optics surprisingly good for the price. I bought this for the mount, but the entire 8" package was on sale so I decided to buy the whole 8" package with the idea of selling the OTA after playing with it a while. I may just keep it because of it's good (although not outstanding) optics. The OTA is relatively lightweight and compact. Stars are nice pinpoints with a little coma apparent at the edges of FOV. I have only used this to view DSOs with good results so far. The mount is very stable and tracks very well. Motors are very quiet. The polar scope is illuminated but the LED illuminates the entire field of view so the illumination feature is not very useful.

Overall Rating: 8
Optics:7 Mount:9 Ease of Use:8 Value:9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.151.164)
Link to this vote: http://www.excelsis.com/1.0/displayvote.php?voteid=272450

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